Improve bottom line results

by adding intelligence to your existing replenishment process

Warehouse-to-Store replenishment

WAIR’s Sales Forecaster for Warehouse-to-Store replenishment automatically adjusts the replenishment levels directly in your ERP on SKU/Size level to ensure optimal stock distribution. We do this by creating a custom machine learning model which is trained on your data and incorporates your unique company characteristics. In other words, we prioritise items to specific stores where they will sell,  increasing the full-price sell-through rate and reducing the need for markdowns. The Merchandiser can manage  the Sales Forecaster directly in the existing ERP system  by setting business rules and deciding which (sub)-categories the Sales Forecaster replenishes.

Shoeby is  working with the  Sales Forecaster and  improved revenue by an impressive 2.96% which is €2.960.000 expected added value for the first year alone.

Shoeby Case Study


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Intelligent replenishment within 2 weeks – Continue working with your existing ERP / Stock Solution and add the layer of intelligence from WAIR via our connector.

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